Identifying Emotional Components of Health Part 1 – On-Line NET Assessment

wellness-check1As an Energy Psychologist and Naturopath I do not “diagnose”, but instead I consider myself a “detective” looking for the root causes of the conditions that show up in my practice. I look first for emotional components that might be the underlying causes of the dis-ease, and then go further.

In this first of several articles in a series I will; discuss a tool that is very helpful in my practice with distance or “by phone” clients. It supports my ability to focus in quickly on the underlying emotional issues that may be causing the situation for which the client has approached me for support.

Using NET Tools

One of the first meridian-based techniques that I studied and began to apply in my practice years ago is NET / Neuro Emotional Technique.  This hands-on practitioner-based approach was developed by Dr. Scott Walker, a chiropractor who was a practicing scholar in the fields of applied kinesiology and acupuncture, among others. Dr. Scott and his wife Deb, also a doctor of chiropractic, together developed and then taught their protocol to licensed health practitioners world-wide with the intent of using NET to help decipher whether a physical issue presented by a patient was caused by Emotions, Biochemistry/Nutrition, Toxins, or a Structural issue. Using muscle testing, meridian point holding, point tapping, and more, the attending physician or practitioner could identify the cause of the issue and then focus on the appropriate treatment:

  • Emotional cause = NET emotional clearing protocol (refer to an energy psychologist)
  • Biochemistry cause = test the body for specific nutritional needs (refer to a nutritionist)
  • Chemical / Toxic cause = identify allergens / test the body to identify whether a homeopathic energy remedy might support the clearing of the toxin / suggest a lifestyle change to change the toxic environment (refer to a specialist if needed)
  • Structural cause = clear subluxation via an adjustment to enable nerve flow (refer to a chiropractor)

Dr. Scott, an avid baseball fan, refers to this procedure as covering the the bases of the “Home Run Formula”, and by using this thorough and easy-to-perform test, a practitioner can generally identify and then treat (or refer for treatment) the root cause of the presenting issue.


Assessing My Client Needs

When I see a client in person in my office I can utilize the Home Run Formula and then treat for the emotional or toxic components, or refer appropriately based on the needs of the client. (After I complete my CNC / Certified Nutritional Counselor degree I will have more nutritional coaching tools to support that element of NET also.)

When I work with a client by phone I can still use a form of NET using another helpful tool. This is the Online Wellness Check assessment that can be found at: . I ask all of my clients to fill in this short subjective instrument as part of their initial history exam and then periodically I ask them to update it. This instrument enables me to identify the meridian channels or areas that might need support emotionally or via homeopathy. I also incorporate in my history form a short Bach Flower Essence quiz that can identify emotional issues and then I can suggest that my client purchase the appropriate flower essences from a local health food store to administer per my suggestions.

Checking Your Energy

If you would like to check on the health of your energy field I would be happy to talk with you about the results of an on-line wellness check. You may learn more by going to: and filling in the assessment instrument followed by a complimentary consult.

I look forward to talking with you!

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