Trauma Support Coaching

to De-stress from Change, Loss, Illness, Abuse, Injury, Shock, and More…

When you are stuck in the abyss of what I call the “Dark Night of the Soul” or suffering the repeated trauma of PTSD because of deep loss, serious illness, life-altering trauma, dramatic life change, many tools are often needed to help you dissolve the emotional stress, shift the energetics, and clear the pain so that you can return to re-create a new life. In this very vulnerable emotional state, I endorse private one-on-one trauma support coaching with an experienced practitioner who utilizes multiple Energy Psychology and Natural Health modalities.

Trauma Support Using N-hanced EFT, Energy Therapy, Natural Health Tools

Especially when you are suffering deep trauma or stress you require a specially customized trauma support coaching program. For this reason I offer several coaching packages using energy therapy and natural health modalities that are tailored for your needs, delicate emotional state, and mind-body-spirit condition.

  • Conscious Life Change Coaching Single Session— $250

One energy therapy coaching session, two extensive wellness assessments, follow-up e-mail support, plus recording of phone session.

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  • Relief from Life Trauma Coaching Support— $1200 Wellness Package (savings)

Six weekly integrative coaching sessions for body, mind, spirit; includes two extensive wellness assessment histories, e-mail support, plus recordings of phone sessions.

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  Payment Plan:  2 Payments of $605  

  • Wellness Maintenance Plan – 9 Month Package – $2280 (savings)

Continue supporting your health and re-creating your life with two sessions per month for three months followed by six months of one session per month. (Prerequisite for this package is the six-week Whole Person Trauma Support Coaching program.)

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Mountain Healing Retreat Packages

sunsetBRThese packages are offered for those who wish to “run away” to a mountain retreat surrounded by woods, mountain views, hiking trails.

After providing two all-inclusive pre-coaching wellness assessment histories prior to arriving, each participant then receives two extended energy therapy coaching and support sessions per day with a rest in-between for lunch, nap, meditation, walk in the woods, or hot-tub soak.

This program supports your deep healing on all levels as you rejuvenate in the beautiful southern Appalachian Mountain setting around Mineral Bluff, GA, getting away from the stresses of  life at home. This area is approximately two hours from Atlanta, Chattanooga, Knoxville, and Asheville, and transportation, room & board are not included in the retreat fee structure.

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