This EFT Tapping Point Will Un-block Your Body and Emotions

Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT is distantly related to acupuncture since it uses meridian points on which to tap. Originally Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor, developed a way to communicate with the body’s electro-magnetic biofield, and this was called kinesiology. The field of Applied Kinesiology incorporated acupuncture meridian points with muscle testing for identifying blocked nerve and energy flow as well as ascertaining certain causes thereof. A couple of generations later Touch Field Therapy/ TFT was created by Roger Callahan, and EFT was developed by Gary Craig from that.

So, let us go back to the origins and identify a very potent point that can be used in a regular EFT tapping sequence to un-block stuck energy based on old dogma, strong subconscious beliefs, rigidity, inner needs to feel in control, among other emotional issues.

Often when I work with a client an old belief pattern rears its ugly head. In my own practice I use kinesiological testing to ask the body what is blocking it and where the block is being held in the body. In EFT you cannot easily do this, so I’d like to share a point that you can use when you know there is strong blockage but you cannot identify consciously what might be causing it.

The large intestine LI20 acupuncture point entitled “Welcoming Perfume” or “Welcome Fragrance” comes in pairs that are located on either side of the nostrils. If  you “hold your nose” as though you are getting ready to jump into water, and then gently move your thumb and finger away from the nose so that they are barely touching, then you have found the twin points.

LI20 is connected with the sinus and facial blood flow on the physical level. It corresponds often with sinus indications associated with constipation, so gently tapping the point can sometimes ease both nasal and sinus congestion as well as support elimination.

On an emotional level the large intestine often indicates a sense of “stuckness” or blockage, just like the physical constipation. It often reflects inner subconscious or learned beliefs that may or may not correspond with your conscious convictions. Gently tap on these points on either side of the nose and feel your sense of stuckness. Feel the inner blockage and struggle with control and dogmatism. As you breath out the heavy feelings while tapping you will gradually be open to breath in that “welcoming fragrance” indicated in the name for the points.

I find using the twin LI20 points to be more dynamic than tapping on the base of the index fingernail – the traditional EFT large intestine point – in many cases, so I invite you to try this and report your indications here or on my facebook page.

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