Ariela Group Wholistic Services Contract & Policy Statement

It has been our privilege to offer life and success coaching, energy therapy, and natural health support programs for Conscious Transformation since the 1980’s. In order to best serve our wide, global audience, we are happy to share here our Contract & Policy Statement.

Registration Agreement:

Your registration for a Specialized Program is not only a commitment to yourself, but is also seen as your commitment to a contractual agreement with Dr. Anne Merkel and The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services, to work together. This is also a commitment that you will perform the necessary follow-up work from each session on your own – for your own betterment and improvement. When you register you will receive an Agreement to be signed for our work together. We consider your commitment to register and pay for a program as your official acceptance of our program and its terms, and your signed agreement reinforces your commitment to participate fully.

Energy Therapy and Health Coaching work that you may contract to receive is begun as soon as you register. You may start to feel shifts before our first session. This is normal because when you register you make an energetic commitment to yourself and to your well-being. And, on our side, as soon as you register we start setting the energy in motion to access your case and focus on your highest priorities. You will receive our program Intake Forms as soon as you register.

Our commitment to you is to be here for you, to focus on your highest priorities, and to be the clearest channel and facilitator for the modalities that your body-mind-spirit requires so that you can benefit to the utmost.

Our expectation of you is that you complete our Intake Forms including an on-line wellness evaluation, that you follow through with the between-sessions energy support for yourself, and that you complete both Pre- and Post-session Forms before and after each session. We also encourage you to understand that you have the power to clear root causes of your discomfort or dis-ease, and that we must be open with each other in order to best support your healing. The more of your history that you share, the deeper the clearing we can accomplish together!

All of your information will be held in total confidentiality, and in cases of painful emotions or past trauma, we need not know the details or past “story” in order to help you let go of the emotional charge associated with the experience that may be keeping you ill. You do not need to suffer or relive anything painful in order for our work together to be very beneficial and life-changing. And, you need not fear that we would ever “leave you hanging out on a limb” if deep emotions do come up. You will feel comfortable working in the safe environment that we co-create, so you can open up in confidence and feel protected.

The Health Support Programs that we offer are based on up-to-date science and natural non-invasive practices. Dr. Merkel does not diagnose nor prescribe medications, but instead seeks the potential root causes of your symptoms. Suggestions offered in your sessions may focus on your emotional state, management of stress, diet, living environment, local toxins, and more. She is able to recommend specific tests and can help you understand their results. Your final results will depend on how you follow recommendations and whether you are ready to make some lifestyle changes to support your healing.

Our packages are priced according to the specific support which may be delivered via phone consultations, recordings thereof, e-mail support, wellness check analyses, e-book support, and face-to-face consultations. There is much behind-the-scenes time and energy support that is involved in the work that we do. This is not quantifiable in the measure of contact hours, but represents an all-encompassing program of treatment for your highest good. Occasionally we decide to change our prices based on a wholistic approach to the energetics of our business entity.

Dr. Anne Merkel is a trained and certified Classical Naturopath, Energy Medicine and Gluten Practitioner, Natural Health Professional, Life and Business Coach, NET Practitioner, EFT Practitioner and Trainer, TFH Practitioner of Applied Kinesiology, Reiki Master, and experienced Energy Therapist with satisfied clients world-wide. She has been trained in both science-based as well as more esoteric spiritual energy techniques, and tends to customize her treatment for each unique client experience. She will share with you the wealth of over thirty years of extensive study, research, and hands-on practice experience with clients. Dr. Merkel has published books, articles and reports based on the many cases she’s treated. Anne is not a physician nor is she a psychologist, although she utilizes Energy Psychology modalities and has been trained in psychology. She earned her MS and Ph.D. degrees from Indiana University and regularly attends and speaks at advanced seminars and workshops in her chosen modalities. She is a member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, The Institute for Functional Medicine, and The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Our Policies:

When you made the decision to purchase a program or product from Dr. Anne Merkel and The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services, you may have been offered a full or several payment option, and we are happy to have offered this to you. We cannot switch you from one payment plan to another after you have already registered. If you have questions about this, please ask.

If you signed up for a multi-payment plan your subscription payments are automatically deducted from your payment source on the anniversary date at the specified interval of your subscription. This process is easy on all of us and nobody has access to your accounts except the secure system.

In order to change your contract in any way you must contact us at: [email protected], in writing and schedule a time when we can meet by phone to discuss your needs or concerns. If a payment has been made or billed automatically, a refund will not be available to you, however we will be glad to offer other products or services to complete the paid subscription. Our thousands of clients have been happy with our products and services, and the results they have experienced after completing their full contract.

It is our desire to support and satisfy our clients and customers, and we realize that every case is totally unique. We appreciate clear communication so that we may together co-create a working relationship that will best meet the desires of all parties involved.

We hope that our policies are clear to you and that you enjoy your association with Dr. Anne Merkel and The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services, and all of our products and services. If you have any questions about our Wholistic Services Contract and Policy Statement, please feel free to contact us.