EFT Surrogate Tapping

There are many energy therapy modalities that employ surrogates when necessary.

I first learned about using a surrogate when I studied applied kinesiology and learned how to utilize muscle testing and make some corrections via a surrogate (second person) in order to treat small children and infants, animals, people who are unconscious or too infirm to be tested. It amazed me that the subject of our healing focus could be diagnosed and would receive the treatment through the use of another person’s body.

Then when I became a Reiki Master I realized the power of distance healing – with or without a surrogate. This opened up a whole new area of interest to me – how one can send energy or prayers or intentions to another and have that person receive them. If you’ve studied any of Gregg Braden’s works you will be able to learn more about this concept of our connectedness with the entire Universe via the “Divine Matrix”, as he calls it.

As an EFT tapping facilitator you may be automatically offering surrogate distance healing in your regular practice if you tap along with your client. It is easy to use a second person surrogate in your EFT practice, and it is also potent to utilize distance EFT tapping. I’ve included some guidelines below for your information:

  1. Set & state a clear intention: Clearly and verbally state that your intention is to be tapping for the highest good of _____ (name them or describe them) and for the highest good of all concerned.
  2. Be clear about who is to receive the benefits of your tapping*: If you are tapping on behalf of somebody else touch them if they are nearby (but not necessary if your energetic intention is strong enough), state their name or description, verbalize that you are tapping for the benefit of this person or animal.
  3. Get out of the way!: It is important that you let go of your ego-based expectations. This is not about you and it is not about what you want to happen. You must let go of trying to control the results – that is up to the person receiving the benefits of your tapping. This is your gift to them and they may receive it in any way that they wish. The conduit for this work is love and compassion, so imbue your tapping with these feelings.
  4. Create specific set-up statements: Use your regular EFT set-up protocol and include the person’s name or use I/me when making each statement. You are sending the message directly into the Universal energies so that all energy will know for whom you are doing the healing work, so include the person’s name along with the first person pronoun because you are tapping as though you are putting yourself into the place of that person.
  5. Be led by intuition: Follow the flow to where it leads you. When you are truly “out of the way”, then you will be guided as to which issues may be involved with the other person, and trust that. Don’t try to control where your intuition leads you, and, on the other hand, do not let your mind get involved with judgement or problem-solving. You will never really know what you cleared or from where it came, but your tapping will always clear something…, and it is none of your business to know, anyway!
  6. Close the session: At the end of your session close it as you normally do, and then cleanse yourself and verbalize tht you are now letting go of the energy of tapping for that person and that you are acting now as yourself again. You may wish to wash your hands, then drink lots of water and take care of yourself because you have probably gained some “Borrowed benefits” or cleansing as you tapped on behalf of the other person.

*[It is useful to send healing energy to those you love, and is always best if you have their permission to work on their issues with them. If you send the healing or tapping as a gift, then they have the freedom to receive or not.]

Recently I hosted an N-hanced EFT & Energy Therapy TAPshop tapping group session focused on EFT surrogate tapping. If you are interested in learning more about this then you may access a recording of that call by:

  • Joining the TAPshop EFT tapping group by going here, or
  • Contacting me directly at [email protected] and I’ll send you a link to the recording.

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