Testimonials from Satisfied Clients of Dr. Anne Merkel

These testimonials represent a wide range of services that I have provided, but mainly involve the use of Energy Therapies on some level.  I am grateful to have been available to serve these people and organizations.

“I was surprised when your coaching led me into new territory. I made self-discoveries that delighted and empowered me, and revealed an action plan that will transform my future. Thank you for extraordinary coaching!” — H.R./ Screen Writer, Artist/ Los Angeles, CA

“Tapping has enabled me to stay more conscious, present and grounded. I thank you for all the remarkable changes that have occurred and look forward to our continued work together.” — Jeanne Katz / Retail Business Owner, EFT Tapping Practitioner / Good Hart, MI

Karen Chastain“I love the Mastermind opportunity to work with Anne. – Anne is amazing as she weaves her many skills with her unique EFT sessions. The group energy is always honored and I leave the sessions feeling uplifted and alive. What stands out for me is how thorough and deep we go to clear our “stuff”. Interesting that I use that word because l have literally been able to clear a lot of clutter out of my home with ease since starting EFT. Among other benefits, I uncovered many hidden limiting beliefs and feelings which continue to change my attitudes, relationships , health issues and general way I show up in life. As a Personal Life Coach, I also now use EFT with my clients. I have learned so much working with Anne. She openly shares gems of the why and how of the process she offers in the group sessions. I love her extensive, expansive approach.”  — Karen Chastain / Life Coach, Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner / BC, Canada

“Thank YOU!!!! So much for such a great call. What I felt you really drove home is that the subconscious part of us is responsible for so much of our life experience, and to try and figure out how to ‘make something happen’ at the conscious level can only feel like a struggle and frustration when the subconscious influence is really running the show!” — Kim Barnwell CPCC, PCC / Life Coach, Reiki Master, Emotional Intuitive/ ON, Canada

“It is with pleasure that I write to you with an update on my life since you facilitated my coaching/healing session. In just one valuable, impressionable, healing session with you I was able to let go of much fear and anxiety about my pregnancy, birthing and the responsibilities of becoming a parent. Your professionalism came across to me as kind and caring. I was able to trust you from the beginning. First of all you helped me to identify the fears and anxieties that gave me a sense of being paralyzed and out of control with my life. Secondly, after identifying my issues, you gave me the insight, tools and suggestions to embrace and deal with the wall of uncertainty and fear that I had created. I am so thankful to you, Anne, for helping me through this new life adventure.” — Hope D./ Massage Therapist / Columbia, SC

army“In a day’s time you took a group of highly skeptical senior managers and helped us reach a consensus. Your abilities as a facilitator and coordinator were instrumental in making our meeting a success, and have enhanced the Garrison’s accomplishment of its many missions.” — Col. B. Johnson, U.S. Army Garrison Commander, Ft. Jackson Army Base, SC

“I am most satisfied with the impact of the meeting you facilitated as well as the resulting actions that have taken place since then. I think this was one of the best things we’ve done in the years I’ve been here.”  — W. Brazell /Assistant School Superintendent / Lexington, SC

lynne2a1-150x150“It’s been a gigantic blessing to have had the opportunity to take the Energy Therapy Practitioners course with Anne. .  As an independent health care practitioner for 23 years, I was feeling a complete deficit of support and encouragement and Anne helped me on many levels to reignite my faith in my ability to experience something different.  She helped me to clear deep energy blocks and realign with my gifts and passion.  As a result, I now recognize a higher level of functioning and greater possibilities for my life, relationships, and my healing practice.   When I found Anne through a blog post in search of the most potent meridian points, I had no idea that this was the avenue that I would eventually take for my own personal healing journey and higher learning.  While the course was costing me more than what I had originally anticipated, I knew that I could not pass up this opportunity to not only go more deeply than I ever imagined possible in my own healing, but to learn from a true master in her field.  Anne’s commitment, support, and generosity far exceeded my expectations.  She’s very balanced in her approach, blending a great deal of professionalism, compassion and intuitive “out of the box” guidance.  I highly recommend Anne as a teacher and healer.  Thank You, Anne! ” — Lynne Potteiger / Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Energy Therapy Practitioner/ Cazenovia, NY

“Having experienced many facilitators, strategic planners, and organizational consultants, I can say that Anne is a master at her trade and the finest facilitator I have had the pleasure of working with. Her knowledge, skills, and vast experience merge gracefully with her passion, sense of humor, and deep respect for those with whom she is engaged. From my experience, it is rare to meet a facilitator and organizational consultant whose mastery of skills equals a commitment to making a difference in the world. Anne is a powerful change agent who lives her mission.” — D. Delafield/ Entrepreneur / Asheville, NC

RichlandCountySC“Most of us do not have time for fluff and feel good training sessions that bear no fruit. Dr. Anne Merkel is a very talented, experienced, professional, and competent facilitator. She has learned, through her successes and trial and error, what has most successfully worked in effecting positive change. Dr. Anne Merkel and The Ariela Group are very highly recommended for your consideration.” — Cary McSwain County Administrator/ Manager – Richland County Government – Columbia, SC, USA

“I LOVE your group coaching classes and feel you are an AWESOME teacher and mentor. You are an inspiration to me! I wanted to thank you for sharing all your gifts and putting yourself out there and achieving your goals you set for yourself.” — M.J./ Animal Therapist, Coach/ WA, USA

“My inKristenner world has shifted to a higher vibration through the help of you, Anne.  I no longer feel unsafe at every waking & sleeping moment & in between. I wake up with enjoying what will unfold, & go to sleep with thanking my guides. Seriously, when working on the tapping, I am amazed how deeeep wounded issues can shift & be gone.” — Kristen King / Holistic Cosmetologist, Tapping Enthusiast / Salinas, CA


 “I enjoyed and gained valuable information from your thoughtful and generous consultation. You have such a wide background in energy therapies and offer a wealth of information. Our discussion of how meridian points relate to organs and the storing of emotions was, of course, right up my EFT alley. I plan to follow up with further research. I especially appreciated your suggestions for ways to combine my writing and editing career with my energy healing endeavors. The fact that you’ve done a lot of writing and editing yourself was significant because your ideas were so spot on. Your coaching got me thinking outside the box.  I’d definitely recommend you to anyone who would like more clarity and valuable support on life’s path. Thank you again, Anne!” — Peggy Henrikson/ Writer, EFT Tapping Practitioner

Jennie“I have had a wonderful past few days and enjoyed a weekend of feeling alive and happy. Last night I reflected on the past few days and I was amazed at how dramatically different my interactions with dear family members have been. I am in awe of the emotional difference in just one session and using what seems like such a simple tool.  I have been a bit skeptical of EFT due to the simplicity of the technique but after the past few days I am loving what it has done for me so far. While I can’t exactly explain what has shifted, I am truly amazed and thankful.

I wanted to take a minute to say hello and give you an update on my last three months. This year has been amazing for me. In addition to feeling a sense of happiness every day, here are just a few highlights of what has been happening in the short three months since we finished our sessions and I have been tapping on my own.  I have grown in my independence and it has deepened my relationships.  After three years of searching, we found our dream house sitting on 16 acres that was our vision with woods and a creek. Exciting challenges have opened up at work and I am creating a niche that fits my talents and doing the things that fulfill me. You truly changed my life and I am very grateful for the guidance and tools you have given me.” — Jennie Pruitt / Hospital IT Supervisor / Rome, GA

“Thank you so much, Anne, for the gift of the coaching session and for the other gifts you’ve shared.  I feel so much more optimistic now!   A possible business name even popped up during the session!  Already I’m experiencing the shift from the external world to my inner world!  I’m feeling a “knowingness” about what feels right to me. Another shift:  I’m more clear that I’m meant to be a budding entrepreneur building a business.  Certainly this week I’ve been taking action toward that goal.  I’ve actually heard 3 sessions about sales and marketing in the past 3 days since our session!  With great appreciation for you sharing your gifts, doing what you love, and demonstrating abundance!” — Ann Pugg/ Entrepreneur

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