EFT Tapping as You Walk

I highly endorse daily EFT tapping to all of my clients. And, for all who find it difficult to balance a busy schedule, why not consider multi-tasking while benefiting from meridian tapping?

Walking is a wonderful aerobic exercise that moves the lymph (intricately connected with the meridians) and energizes the entire body. I share a passion for walking in nature with many of my clients, and we all enjoy tapping as we walk. I have experienced some deep transformations while exercising in this manner, and so I highly endorse it. Why not accomplish two very beneficial exercises at the same time?

Here are several different energy therapy exercises that you may enjoy adding to your walking regime:

  1. Gratitude walking can get you in the high vibrational mind-set. As you walk, simply identify and speak out loud (if possible) the things you see and think about for which you grateful. Let the feelings of these blessings flow over you as you walk.
  2. EFT tapping while you walk is such a wonderful way to de-stress after a long day or to lift your spirits and your vibration as a lunch break practice. Some people tend to walk with others and often conversation turns to negative news, office gossip, or problem discussions. If you take time to walk alone and tap as you walk you will come back from your exercise feeling lighter, clearer, happier, and much more energized! Try it! (You will get used to the stares as you tap on the various points while walking,… and so will those who stare at you when they notice how light and bright you are as a result!)
  3. If you begin your walk feeling blue, then start the tapping and just focus on the feeling. Breathe it out as you walk and tap. Focus on the events or other people from whom you might have picked up the bad energy. Breathe that out and think back to when you might have felt the same way from a similar experience. Tap that away using the regular EFT protocol. After you feel better continue tapping and go back to the memories that have left you feeling blue in the past. While you tap, change the stories. Imagine and FEEL different circumstances than those that you remember. Input a happier ending to each occasion, and set up physical “triggers” that you can use to go back to those “happy endings” whenever you need a reminder that ALL IS WELL.

Enjoy your exercise! I know your body, mind, and spirit will!

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