Group Programs for Individuals or Practitioners

There is much merit in creating Group Programs for  like-minded people with shared intentions. In a live “Master Mind” setting of sharing, inspiration seems to support things getting done, shifts happening more rapidly, group comradery being created in the process, and creativity blooming.

Gatherings or Retreats are fun, inspiring, and invigorating for all. Whether you want to come for a Retreat in my mountain resort community with private daily work or co-create a Group Program that focuses on a special audience and topic, we utilize tested and state-of-the-art techniques in the areas of Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Natural Health, Nutrition, other Healing Arts, plus Business Strategizing, Marketing, and Creative Art… for many applications. For ideas on how we may customize a program for you or your group, keep reading. . .


Group Retreats created around any theme are fun and powerful… especially when they include the application of Energy Tools!  Whether your small group comes together for health & wellness, business, or pleasure, let me create a custom, fun opportunity for your own personal growth within a setting with your favorite people.

And, if your group cannot join you, bring yourself for a retreat to find your inner peace, knowing, and ground in the natural setting where you can truly meet yourself and move to the next level of your life.

Prices listed on our Retreat Page are per individual, so for  information about group pricing please contact me. . .



I know the benefits of Creativity PLAYshops from the therapeutic, productivity, and results aspects. I never want to do business again without having fun, and why should you? There is much healing in the creative process; let me coach you to have fun, or facilitate your next meeting using energy-based creative tools.

Many people don’t give themselves permission to consciously have a good time anymore – are you one of them?

When is the last time you participated in art, music, or other creative endeavors that stimulate the right brain? Have you ever created a vision board collage or mandala painting that helped you to let go of the past and create the future while having a good time?  To create a special program to ease your stress and reintroduce fun back into your life, Contact me.


The Autoimmune Coaching & Energy Therapy Support Group addresses chronic health disorders that negatively impact our society. Join a group of like-minded others suffering and seeking natural relief from debilitating illnesses by signing up here – now in its 4th year!

When you register you’ll receive past recordings and an opportunity to join our live coaching calls offered regularly. You will automatically receive invitations to our calls and be provided afterwards with their recordings.

The series is FREE when you register, and you also have an opportunity for Personalized Coaching for a small fee. Register now. . .