Over the years I have aligned with many groups and individuals who I respect. I’m happy to share here a list of important resources (in my opinion) that relate to the work that I do today in Energy Medicine and Natural Medicine. There are resources for my research, articles, and more.

(This listing is not necessarily an endorsement, but I’ve enjoyed my association with the following and the information I have gleaned from the contacts.)

23andMe Genetics Saliva Tests:

ACEP/ Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology:

Alchemist Anne Blog:

ANMA/ American Naturopathic Medical Association:

Anne Merkel Self Growth Expert Page:

Autoimmune Coaching & Energy Therapy Support Series:

Dr. Dale Bredesen – Alzheimer’s & Dementia Specialist:

Dr. RitaMarie Loscalzo – Institute for Nutritional Endocrinology:

Dr. Tom O’Bryan – Gluten Specialist:

EFT/ Gary Craig’s Original Site:

EFTRadio Podcasts:

Energy Medicine/ Donna Eden:

Facebook Page:

HealthMeans Health Summits:

IONS/ Institute of Noetic Sciences:

ISSSEEM/ International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine:

My EFT Coach blog:

NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique home site:

The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services:

The One Research Foundation:

The Tapping Solution:

The Tapping Solution Anne Merkel articles:


Autoimmune Working Bibliography:  go here for the latest version.


ACEP 2015 Conference Presentation – “7-Step Protocol for Treating Autoimmune Disorders Using Energy Psychology”