Energy Medicine and Natural Health Instructional Videos for You

Because our society is more focused now on visual/ auditory stimulation via movies and videos, I continue to add Instructional Videos here for your health, information, training, and over-all well-being. I feel that the more I learn, the more I can share with my on-line community, and then we all win!

Introduction to Epigenetics & How Your Genes Impact Your Mood and Your Health

Since the Human Genome Project was undertaken in the late 1990’s our view of biology as well as physiology has changed in that what the Project unearthed was the evidence that genes and their protein sheaths were constantly reacting to the environment around them. You will learn more in this video about how we can learn to manage our genes by managing the influencing environments:  emotional stress, air, water, food, lifestyle, social encounters, work environment, relationships, and more. By managing our genes we can not only strengthened those that appear “weak” or variant due to our ancestry, but also we can “clean” any genes that have gotten “dirty” by bad habits of the past.

Introduction to N-hanced EFT with Meridians and Their Emotions:

When I work with clients I use an advanced and unique form of meridian tapping which is based on my studies of acupuncture, Neuro Emotional Technique/ NET, Emotional Freedom Techniques/EFT, and kinesiology. Here is a short video where you may tap to clear specific emotions as you perform a regular EFT tapping sequence to relieve your issues and pain. Enjoy!

Knowing What to Say with EFT Tapping:

So many people freeze when they are first learning to use EFT because they are afraid they will say the “wrong” thing. This short video explains why that need not hold you back and that it doesn’t really matter what you say if you do something else well. Check this out!

Tapping for Stress Series:

In this five-part series I will point out specific points and guide you through how to de-stress all aspects of your body-mind-spirit. If you resonate with this introductory video you can subscribe to my YouTube channel: Dr. Anne Merkel Natural Functional Medicine and gain access to the other four videos in the series. Enjoy… and relax!!