Relief at Last: Support Options for Autoimmune

Usually my clients show up in my practice after they have consulted with 5-7 other health practitioners without relief, and have been told “it’s in your head,” “you’ll have to live with it,” or “you’ll have to be on strong medications for the rest of your life.” They are usually seeking something different that works with the natural healing process of the body and offers relief with no negative side effects.

My clients are not satisfied with a “life sentence of suffering,” but instead feel strongly that there must be a way to support the re-balancing of their body-mind-spirit system and reclaim health.

In my practice I blend Energy Psychology and Natural Health modalities to clear the “root cause” of specific disorders in each unique individual rather than addressing clients with a “one size fits all” approach. The body can more easily reach homeostasis or balance when there is no underlying stress holding it in the dis-ease pattern.

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In the many years that I have used energy therapy and offered health and wellness coaching services, I have learned that each individual is totally unique and requires a specially customized program. For this reason I offer several  packages that are tailored for your body-mind-spirit needs. These include in-person private sessions, phone consultations, as well as one to four-day in-person mountain retreat packages. For further information about concentrated retreat programs please go here.

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