Functional Epigenetics Health Package

Here is a unique Natural Medicine Package that is created for you around your own genes!

In my thirty-plus year journey using Energy Medicine and Natural Health in my practice successfully I have always sought to go deeper into the root causes of emotional distress and illness. I have learned that each individual is totally unique and requires a specially customized program based on his or her inherited predispositions as well as life experiences and life-style. For this reason I offer a specialized package here tailored for your body-mind-spirit needs.

When you understand “Epigenetics” you know that you can, indeed, manage your own health and well-being without being a victim of your genes or your body!

My Functional Epigenetics Health Package includes personalized health coaching, videos, in-person private sessions and/or phone consultations, and may include an in-person mountain retreat package. We will look at the full picture of your life and health from a mind-body-spirit perspective, and you will learn more about your unique body and “self” than ever before.

What can you expect from working with me?

In preparation for working together I request that you provide me with extensive background history information, fill in an on-line energy/ symptom assessment, as well as send away for a 23andMe saliva test (ancestry only provides me with raw data for health analysis).

During the time between when you register and when you get all of the requested data to me we will schedule a one-on-one session (by phone or in person) to discuss your over-all health picture and create a plan for you. Next you will receive a series of seven introductory videos prepared to get you ready to receive your own genetic findings and health suggestions. I will be in e-mail contact with you and will send hand-outs to clarify some of the points made in various videos. In your subsequent phone or on-line zoom sessions (which will be recorded) we will cover the basic aspects of different categories of genes that may be affecting your health now or in the future. You will get additional videos to fill in your general information about gene categories before each personal reading that I provide. After your final epigenetics health reading session we will schedule a final “wrap-up” session to discuss your plan of action, explain how to acquire suggested nutritional supplements, and more. This is all about you and my goal is to provide you with the information and tools to go forward!

I will introduce your genetics data in separate calls divided into the following categories – and some sections may be preceded by introductory videos:

  • Detoxification:  Phase 1 & Phase 2
    •  Methylation
    • Pesticide & Herbicide Detox
    • Alcohol Detoxification
  • Mental Health Genes
    •  Cognitive Acuity
    • Alzheimer’s Genes
    • Sleep
    • Mental Health
    • Mood
    • Anxiety
    • Stress
    • Substance Abuse
    • Focus
  •  DNA Damage & Cancer Risk
  •  Immune Health Genes
    •  Celiac Disease
    • Autoimmune Genes
    • Inflammation Genes
    • Allergies & Hypersensitivities Genes
  •  Cardiovascular Health Genes
    •  Blood clotting
    • Blood Pressure
    • Cholesterol & Triglyceride Genes
  •  Vitamin & Mineral Metabolism Genes
  •  Muscles / Joints & Athletic Performance
    •  Collagen/ Muscle & Joint Recovery Genes

Together we will choose the order of priority in which you’d like to receive your support from the above categories, and I will make suggestions and answer your questions about what we find in your DNA data. I may use some Energy Therapy techniques to clear your stress or fear about genetic findings, symptoms, or a related physician’s diagnosis. In your own gene analysis I will advise you on what you should avoid in your lifestyle or diet, what you can add into your life or diet, what nutrients will help your specific genetic make-up, and which tests you can use to keep tabs on your health in the future. You will be able to order specific supplements on-line via my website as well as some blood tests if you desire.

Are you ready to examine your health on a deeper level?

Seven introductory videos, extensive history & wellness assessments, genetics health report, e-mail support, plus recordings of phone sessions with personalized support.
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