Far InfraRed Immune Protection Mats

The Jade Vitality Far Infrared Heat pads are a therapeutic MUST for anybody 1- living on this planet, 2- existing during a pandemic, 3- using electronic devices and cell phones. The immune system protection that they provide are outstanding!

Why? Because not only do they emit no EMF’s of their own (as other pads often do), but the soothing heat and negative ions emitted neutralize the positive ions currently bombarding planet Earth from the 5G satellites as well as the 4G local towers. Not only do the mats support your immune system, but the use of jade and tourmaline stones enhances the benefits and the end result is a strengthened Wei Qi or outer protective energy field around your body.

In my practice I offer this therapy to clients prior to receiving acupuncture.
Sometimes it negates the need for the latter, but it always relaxes the person so that the meridian balancing is more profound. “I feel like I’m floating on a cloud,” reported Jenn R., while another client fell into
deep sleep almost immediately. I usually utilize the mat in my office whenever I have aches, pains, or generally feel tired or in need of an immune boost. I’m always glad that I did!

For more information or to order your mat you may follow this link and then locate the Jade Vitality Heating Mats in the first column of “Popular Categories”. The site provides tons of information, and if you need any more, please call me during office hours: 706-374-6460.

I know the owner of this company and respect him for his technical abilities as a doctor, acupuncturist, and “nerd” in the good sense that he really knows how to measure and test for the best products to sell in his company! I use many of the tools that he has vetted over the years, and everything he endorses works very well!