TOP Reasons You May Not be Getting Fast EFT Results

ExasperationOften when people start using EFT or “Tapping” on themselves they feel exasperated at first because they don’t feel they are getting fast EFT results.

I feel blessed to have discovered EFT after working with Neuro Emotional Technique as a trained facilitator for several years. The foundation of energy therapy provided to me via NET has helped me to streamline and N-hance the EFT that I share with my clients and what I use on myself.

I hope these points shed some light for both novices and seasoned practitioners coming to EFT from different backgrounds and training than my own.

  •  Holding the FEELING or emotional charge is most important in the meridian clearing process… “hold the snapshot”, and talk about what you feel… from your heart, using your OWN words! (In PTSD cases you can tap on the emotion that you know is coming up without really going into feeling the full story’s impact… “I feel deep fear,”… tap on the fear … and feel the fear – of going back to the memory, the occasion, the issue of the trauma. When that charge has subsided, then take another emotion or aspect that brings up emotion, and hold that next emotion while you tap it out. “I feel confusion, terror, anger, panic, etc.”… Little by little this allows the charge around the memory to dissipate without the client going fully into the trauma. As the client is able he/she can then add bits and pieces of the memory and then tapping can be done to de-charge varying emotional aspects of that memory. )
  •  Left-brain statements take you out of the feeling into your analytical brain, and this cuts off the effectiveness of meridian-clearing work. So talk to your subconscious about your feelings… and hold the emotional charge – feel that 10 or 9, and tap on each point until the charge lowers… then go to the next point. Do not jump around with half-statements just to follow a facilitator who likes to move quickly from point to point… this is not only confusing, but takes you out of the feeling state, drops you into left brain wordiness, and blocks the work.
  •  The body (meridian system & subconscious) has its own priority system in what it is ready to clear. If your intention for clearing is to clear something that is covered up by other layers of energetic charge, then the body may not let go of the aspect that you desire to clear until other pertinent layers are first cleared. When the subconscious pushes up other memories or charged emotions while you are tapping, then pay attention.
    a. Always jot down the original main issue you are attempting to clear
    b. If another emotion or charged tangent appears that holds more charge than the original, then follow that… jot it down as a 2ndary.
    c. Clear this second one until the SUDS is a 0
    d. Go back to the original to check SUDS & resume clearing until it is either replaced again or is down to a 0.
    e. The subconscious mind knows much more about what it needs than does your conscious mind or any set protocol, so always flow with what your subconscious presents to you… and be diligent about noting where you started, what you cleared, and then going back to complete the original issue. You get so much better, faster results when you allow your body and subconscious to direct you!
  • When you are doing your own work you know when the negative charge has ceased and when it is ready to input the positive energies to “finish off your session on a high vibrational level”. Most savvy facilitators can tell when the energy has shifted by looking at a client (when working in-person) and checking in (testing the SUDS) when working by phone. Don’t be the “Pollyanna” when your client is still stuck in the pit of despair – it just won’t work and is a waste of time.
  •  My clients are given permission up-front to stop me if they feel they need to stay focused on a point, and also when a secondary issue has appeared from their subconscious. I always follow the guide of my client’s subconscious mind. And, I’m also aware of when my client’s analytical mind tries to block our progress… when too much “thinking” rather than “feeling of the charge” occurs, and then I shift back into guiding the client back to the emotion.
  • In meridian clearing the verbiage is always secondary to feeling the SUDS charge. Words are used only to highlight the feeling and charge, and to keep the client in the focused state of mind to clear the emotion. Whenever words get in the way it is better to be quiet and to feel while tapping rather than requiring any verbal protocol in this work.
  • Gary Craig’s original set-up statement is a good one because it is balanced, speaks directly to the subconscious mind without shutting it down, immediately shows any unworthiness issues (if the statement itself produces a charge in you or the client) that can be tapped away prior to other tapping work, and also leads into the SUDS without closing down the subconscious via psychological reversal. I still use this statement and paraphrases of it, and feel that its use benefits my clients.

For more tips on how to support your EFT practice you may wish to purchase my book (in kindle & soft cover editions) EFT – Best Practices in Energy Management found here. This explains more about the benefits of using the original Gary Craig set-up statement and how to speak to your subconscious to get the best and fastest results. And, check out the rest of this new website for EFT & Energy Therapy Practitioners: !

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