Free Stuff for EFT or Energy Therapy Practitioners

I urge all Energy Practitioners to learn more about EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques, because it is easy-to-use and easy-to-teach to clients for between-session maintenance. In the following short video I point out the basic EFT meridian tapping points, and then I “N-hance” that with the meridian information for each point and the emotion usually (90% of the time) associated with that meridian. This is a blend of EFT with some of the research and practice of NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique that I share with my clients as “N-hanced EFT” or “Neuro-Emotional Freedom Technique”. It provides short-cuts that get right to the point (no pun intended) when you wish to clear a specific emotion.  This also serves as an introduction for the other free EFT instructional packages listed below.


Introduction to EFT/ Emotional Freedom Techniques

Now that you have viewed the short introductory video you may wish to learn more. Here is a package that provides audio and video recordings that take you deeper into the practice of EFT Tapping. This provides the basics that you need to get started, and there is even an offer of a complimentary short “tune-up” just in case you still have questions.  Feel free to sign up for this complimentary package in the sign-up box below.

Values Assessment Package

This self-help package includes an e-Guide with audio recordings that will guide you through the process of e-Valuating what really matters to you in your life as well as what you truly hope to avoid. Then you will learn how to put these into priority lists by most important, while comparing them and looking for conflicts or issues around the values. There are tapping segments to guide you through clearing blocks to moving toward your positive values and also exercises suggested to help you de-charge the issues that you fear most. Sign up for this complimentary package at the box below.