Symptom Fear

symptom fear

Are you afraid of your symptoms? Physical symptoms are the language of the body. If you are experiencing symptoms, then what is the body’s message? And, how much extra stress are you taking on via your symptom fear?

Sometimes YOU are the ONLY ONE who can decipher this, and in this EFT Radio show Dr. Anne Merkel will show you how to better understand what your body is trying to tell you… without experiencing symptom fear!

If you have emotions around the symptoms there is a helpful full meridian
tapping sequence that can support you to relax and release this extra emotional stress. This will enable you to calm down and better understand where the imbalance in your body mind spirit may exist, and help you to support the re-balancing.

I hope you enjoy this helpful session that includes N-hanced EFT, Ask and
Receive, and Energy Medicine tips! And, be sure to check out the pages that I mention: and

Now go to your show. . .

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