Conscious Success Coaching Services

You may already feel successful in many ways, and at the same time you also consciously know that you could benefit from a push beyond your present plateau in one of these areas:

your health,
your relationships,
your creativity,
your financial situation,
your career, business, or practice,
personal integrity in being AUTHENTIC to yourSELF,
personal habits and life-style,
other areas where you find yourself stuck in unbeneficial patterns or cycles.

Using specific energy psychology tools in my coaching practice allows me to go much deeper to support the conscious transformation and body-mind-spirit balance of my clients so you can reach success without self-sabotage, back-slides, or subconscious blockages. These services incorporate a wholistic focus on the WHOLE person to best facilitate subconscious clearing at all levels without traditional “talk therapy”. In fact, I don’t need to know the full story about what is holding you back in order to help clear the way for your success.

I have learned that each individual resonates best with a specially customized coaching program. For this reason I offer several success packages that are tailored for your coaching needs.


Conscious Transformation happens when you proactively “tweak” some aspect of your life for the better… before your life does it for you without warning.


Creative Development… or is it developing creativity? Either way, projects, products, new things happen that can change your life or business for the better!


Conscious Business Success is done with your eyes open and subconscious blocks cleared out so that your Spirit takes over and the result is an improved return on ALL investment!

With my years of experience creating art, teaching in academia, and directing training and development for multiple corporations and organizations, whenever I work with a professional client choosing to move forward in life, I co-create a new, tailored coaching, training, or consulting program with that client. It is my belief that you get the best results from creatively customized programs and services.

Many successful individuals and executives use coaches. So, how are my services unique? With Energy Therapies and Meridian Tapping Techniques such as Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique (N-hanced EFT), I can guide you to clear resistances or blockages whenever they come up. As you clarify your goals and create action plans I can free you from all resistance and blockages to achieving those goals and following through with your action steps.

  • Conscious Success:  Single Coaching Session(s)— $270

One initial whole-person coaching session, two initial whole-person assessments, follow-up e-mail support, plus recordings of phone or video sessions. The first session lasts over an hour. Subsequent success coaching sessions last up to an hour and include follow-up e-mail support plus recordings.

  • Conscious Success Coaching — $1250 Whole Person Package (savings of $100)

Five weekly integrative coaching sessions to clear body, mind, spirit blocks to creativity; includes two initial assessment histories, e-mail support, plus recordings of phone / video sessions.

To register for Conscious Success Coaching please contact me. . .

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