Health Research and Presentations by Dr. Anne Merkel of The Ariela Group

For the last 30+ years I have done post-doctoral research and made numerous presentations to a variety of audiences. I have pursued studies in alternative healing modalities including Energy Therapy tools of all kinds, Energy Essences, Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, and Naturopathy, and as I learn, I share with my clients. With a specialty in supporting clients presenting with chronic health disorders or recurring emotional traumas, my emphasis has been on Autoimmune Disorders including CFS/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MCS/ Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, among others, with a focus more recently on natural approaches to IBS/ Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Cancer.


To date most of my research, presentations, and publications have been about Treating Autoimmune Disorders Using Energy Psychology and Naturopathy. Here is a sampling of what I have shared with audiences and readers: