“Life Saving 15” Tips for Healthy Living!

healthy living tipsOn our March Autoimmune Coaching & Energy Therapy Support call I shared fifteen points that each of us needs to keep in mind just to keep our basic health. These were reviewed and specified in the recent seven-day intensive Certification program that I attended as part of my Doctor of Naturopathy degree. I now hold the official credential of CNHP or Certified Natural Health Professional, and I was happy to share some information with my monthly call participants.

To access the call you may go here and listen to the fifteen points for yourself. These may change your life!

One person, EFT Practitioner Lisa Lambert, was nice enough to share a health break-through that she and her family experienced immediately upon applying some of what was in the call. Here are her words:

“Hi Anne!

Last week’s call (3/11/15) was outstanding and I would like to share a family healing that came out of the call.

First, I’d like to say that the piece about hydration and water was right on time for me. The week before the call the universe kept sending me insights and confirmations about drinking more water. So I thank you very much for one more confirmation.  🙂

Yet, the real life saver was when you shared your insights on “air fresheners”. For the past three to four weeks I had been feeling very sickly, with an unexplainable “illness”. I had flu-like symptoms such as being quite fizzy headed, nauseous and headachy, but I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. It was a bit scary and getting so bad that I started cancelling/rescheduling my clients (I’m a FasterEFT practitioner) and spending my days in bed.

And to add a little more fuel to the fire, my mother (76) was constantly complaining about feeling extremely tired, day after day after day, for at least 2 weeks. She just had a cataract removed and thought that the tired feeling had something to do with side affects from the numerous drops she’d been using on her eye.

Well long story short, I now believe that it was an automatic “air freshener” my mother had in her bedroom. It sent out a “dose” of that air freshener/poison about every 20 minutes, 24/7 for at least the past three or four weeks.

After Wednesday’s call, I asked my mother if she would turn it off for a few days to see how we felt. Well she did, and although we both are finally coming around, she seems to be reluctant to agree that it was the spray which was making us both so very sick… interesting right???

So I would like to thank you for sharing what I’m calling your “Lifesaving 15” 🙂   I’d be more than happy to share this on the next call and you have my permission to share any parts of this email if you feel it would be helpful to others.

Lisa Lambert”

I always appreciate feedback,, so thank you, Lisa.  I believe that everyone should know more about these fifteen points for healthy living!… so feel free to share the blog post and recording.

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