Utilizing Frequency Essences to Ease Emotional Issues – Naturally

floweressences4A variety of safe-to-use frequency essences or remedies have been proven to ease emotional issues of all types. So, what are they, and how do they work?

In my Energy Psychology practice I apply tools that address the electro-magnetic frequency or “biofield” of the physical and emotional body.  Using EFT Tapping or Neuro Emotional Technique, the old neural pathways can be cleared by gently tapping on meridian acupressure points.  I also manually access and clear physically-held emotional charge by holding neurovascular points or massaging neurolymphatic points that can support the clearing of emotions held within the viscera or neurological systems of the body.

Often when a person has inherited a propensity to an ancestor’s trauma or has picked it up while in utero or while very young, the body incorporates certain protective emotional reactions which when triggered may throw up fear, stress, anger, paralysis, anxiety, physical responses, and other over-reactions to daily life stimuli. When a situation arises that sheds light on a life-long recurring pattern, the normal energy psychology tools can be utilized… but there may still be the lingering “body memory” that requires more support to gradually and gently let go of old reaction patterns that may have become chemically addictive bad habits within the subconsicous or autonomic nervous system.

As a Certified Natural Health Professional I often use frequency essences including homeopathics and flower remedies to support the natural clearing of old emotional patterns and their neurological reactions that resist initial clearing processes. The emotional charge or chemicals left in the physical body, or “body memory” can be shifted vibrationally with the use of frequency essences or remedies such as flower essences, homeopathics, and essential oils. In this short article I choose to focus on the use of Flower Essences.

Flower Essences have proven to be very profound in how the specific remedies have helped to clarify issues and clear unwanted traumas for my clients. Over the years I have known many clients who use these naturally accessed vibrational remedies made from the energies of specific flowers. I will not go into here the process of how flower essences are made, however they are somewhat similar to homeopathic remedies rather than herbs, and Bach Flower Essences are classified as homeopathy by the USP (United States Pharmacopeia, which sets standards for foods and OverTheCounter medicines and supplements).  (There are several flower essence brands that can be trusted. So far I have chosen to use Bach, Ellon, and the animal blends from Green Hope Farm.)

I enjoy utilizing Flower Essences because they:

  • are safe to use in conjunction with other treatments,
  • do not conflict with other medications or supplements,
  • are non-addictive and usually water-based,
  • are safe for all ages of humans including infants,
  • can be used with animals, and on plants,
  • have no unwanted side effects.

Although I caution people to get support from a natural health practitioner when using flower essences, as there is more to the practice than is included in a basic handbook, and by taking too many essences at one time the body may become confused and have no positive results; I do, however, recommend that everyone possess the Bach Rescue Remedy / Ellon Calming Essence / or otherwise “Crisis Formula” Flower combination of the following remedies:

  • Cherry Plum
  • Clematis
  • Impatiens
  • Rock Rose
  • Star of Bethlehem.

The combination formula of these essences is designed to assist with immediate problems or emergencies. (These can be found in liquid or lozenge forms, and the cream version includes Crab Apple.)  In the case of terror, deep fear or panic, hysterics, extreme trauma, accident, shock, starting to “check out” consciously, becoming highly impatient or frustrated, or related emergency reactions, this is the combo essence to turn to. (It may be taken as 3-6 drops under the tongue a minimum of six times per day, as frequency is more important than amount. It is best to shake the bottle before use and then drop several drops under the tongue – or if a person is unconscious the formula may be rubbed on the palms, bottoms of feet, temples.  In an acute situation the formula may be used every fifteen minutes until there is some relief or resolution.)   For issues with specific underlying emotional components or recurring negative cycles, a specific essence or customized combination of several (up to five or six total) would be more beneficial, and a practitioner can help to identify the best essence(s) for your specific needs.

In future articles I’ll get more in-depth as to applications of specific frequency essences and vibrational medicine techniques.

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