EFT Coaching Guidebook For EFT & Energy Therapy Practitioners

EFT_Coaching_GuideAre you ready to enter the world of Transformative Coaching?

Are you ready to create a coaching practice curriculum to support your clients to thrive?

Transformative coaching with EFT and Energy Therapy goes way deeper than traditional Personal Life, Success, or Business Coaching because we are injecting energy therapy into the ratio… and that changes everything! Watch your clients quickly transmute as their vibrations change, and use this guide to provide support for them to re-create their lives.

I presume that if you are reading this you are a Health & Wellness Practitioner of some kind and have some level of background using EFT or energy therapy modalities in your practice with clients or patients. Congratulations! You realize that your main practice modalities “take” better when all emotional and energetic blocks are cleared.

Do you realize how potent EFT Coaching is when you use a custom-created Guidebook to support you?

My purpose in sharing this 280-page EFT Coaching Curriculum Guidebook is to provide you with a coaching foundation or curriculum that you can use with clients or patients whenever you apply the energy therapy components of your practice.

You may have a new EFT Tapping practice or have been trained as a body practitioner, so you don’t have exercises or experience to support your work with energy therapy clients. This book will give you all of the guidance you need to firmly root your practice and allow it to grow as you attract and retain satisfied clients.

Or you could already be a certified coach, and you may wish to integrate EFT or Energy Therapy into your coaching practice. Let this EFT Coaching Guide be your “go to” source for exercises, scripts, hand-outs, and more as you build your EFT coaching practice!

With certifications as both a Personal Success & Wellness and Business Success Coach, I have worked with corporations and individuals from over 120 countries worldwide to support clients in all aspects of business and personal health, wellness, and success. I am committed to helping you support your own clients in the same way.

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