Clear Resistance to Using the EFT Setup Statement

The EFT setup statement for Classical Gary Craig EFT is: “Even though …,” and you state the problem and feel it, “I deeply and completely accept myself.” 

If you have any doubt or resistance to using this statement, then focus on the reluctance and how you feel about it, and tap on the Heart Center area as you feel and say the following statements out loud:  [This is a powerful tapping area to connect with deep subconscious issues. Put your index finger at your Thymus Point, which is in the center of your upper chest, on the midline of the ribcage.  Then your middle finger goes where a woman’s cleavage would be and the other two fingers directly below that in a vertical line between the breasts.]

 I accept myself. selflovebutton

 I respect myself.

 I deeply and completely accept myself.

I know that in each moment, I do the best that I can do.

 I know that I’m human and I sometimes make mistakes.

 I know that in every moment, I do the best that I can do.

 I love myself.

 I always do the best I can do in every moment.

 I choose to love myself more.

 I choose to talk nicely to myself.

I choose to turn down the volume on that self-critic.

I choose to love myself.

 It is good for me to love myself.

 God wants me to love myself.

 It is my birthright to love myself.

 I choose to feel love.

I choose to clear all obstacles keeping me from loving me!

 I choose to clear all obstacles keeping me from feeling love.

 I choose to accept that I’m not perfect.

 I choose to recognize the good in me.

 I deserve to be loved.

 I choose to be loved.

 I deserve to accept love from others.

 I deserve to feel love coming from others.

 I love and accept myself.

 I love and appreciate myself.

 I love and respect myself.

Now continue to tap on the other Classical EFT points, one-by-one, while feeling any left over charge or resistance to using the setup statement. You need not say anything while tapping, or you may simply state:  “I completely love and accept myself.” Stay on each point as you feel the charge of your feelings… until you feel a shift or the charge goes down to neutral.

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