EFT BEST PRACTICES For ENERGY MANAGEMENT: How to Reap Optimal Benefits From Your EFT & Energy Therapy Sessions

Optimal use of energy and energy management is the key to getting the best results with EFT and other meridian-based energy therapies. I share my life-long experience plus over thirty years of formal post-graduate study of energy therapies and their applications in this short reference guide. EFT-Best Practices are what I promise to all of my practitioner clients when they undertake the Energy Therapy Practitioner Certification Program, so this book, EFT Best Practices for Energy Management is a good place to start.

EFT Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique and any other meridian tapping energy therapy tool works only as well as the understanding of its user and the environment (before and after a session) in which it is performed. This short guide provides information to newbies and seasoned practitioners about why meridian tapping such as EFT works, and why it sometimes does not. In simple lay terms it explains the brain, what to focus on when tapping, how to get the subconscious and energetic biofield to support you in your tapping, and then how to “clean up” after a session in order to ensure that your good results can remain.

With some science and lots of experience, I provide you here with 60 pages of tips to improve your practice and understand it better. An easy read, you may refer to this as you notice the improvements it makes to your practice results!

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