Use EFT Whenever & Wherever You Need It!

I like to admit that I regularly tap my karate chop point while driving. It works nicely to hold the steering wheel with one hand while tapping the other hand against the wheel. And, I find that often my mind wanders and subconscious thoughts pop up to be tapped away – while driving.

Even though I mentioned in my previous post how to get the most out of your tapping, I’d like to emphasize here that it is important to — USE your energy therapy and EFT tapping tools whenever you need them, and wherever you tend to be! The karate chop point or finger points can easily be hidden under a jacket, below the table or desktop, behind your back if others are watching, but the important thing is to use the tools whenever the emotional charge occurs!

Last night I enjoyed a wonderful soak in my hot tub with friends as we watched the sun go down behind the mountains. In conversation an issue arose, so we began to tap. I ended up leading three full rounds of tapping on one person’s deep and sensitive issues, and by the time she left the spa she was feeling like a new person… on the inside and out! And my other friend and I both received the “borrowed benefits” from the experience. It was one of the most refreshing hot tub experiences I’ve had!… right up there with the snowy night in Aspen after a day on the slopes…. oh well….

Anyway, remember to TAP whenever and wherever you need to clear emotions… and that means, whenever you feel an emotional charge, use those tools!

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