The Importance of Clearing Unexpected Pregnancy Issues with EFT

It amazes me how many people show up in my practice with serious emotional and physical issues brought on by unexpected pregnancies. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the client is the mother or the child. Also of inconsequence is whether the mother was married to the father or not at the time of the unexpected pregnancy. Pregnancy is a serious life-changing issue, and when it is a surprise it can cause a full spectrum of reactions which impact the already hormonal mother as well as the developing fetus in her womb.

mother-and-child-1aOf course it is best in cases of negative reactions to the pregnancy,  if the mother works with an energy therapist or uses EFT on her own as soon as she discovers she is pregnant. As she clears her own angst, surprise, anger, fear, shame, frustration, confusion, or whatever shows up, she is also easing the fall-out for her unborn child.

Generally the cases that I have treated have involved the child or result of the unexpected pregnancy. In all of the cases where the person was subconsciously carrying the unresolved issues of the mother, the individual felt limited, held back from meeting his or her full potential, upset for unknown reasons, or was struggling with life or hiding from it without conscious reasons. Many of these cases also suffered from a variety of physical symptoms such as fibromyalgia, food allergies, debilitating stress, depression, arthritic symptoms, gastro-intestinal issues, among others.

Again, in all of the cases the individuals had struggled to strive beyond the subconscious barriers, but  inner feelings of  shame, being a burden or bother, being unworthy of love or recognition,  and feeling cut-off from abundance in all areas of life, led to stress, illness, broken relationships, lost jobs, and general suffering in all forms. These clients all seemed intelligent, most were attractive, some were over-achievers, and yet all were suffering because they were subconsciously held back from meeting their goals.

An awareness of the negative impact of unexpected pregnancy can be a big help for all coaches, therapists, chiropractors, and other physicians in setting up a beneficial treatment protocol for clients or patients with this issue. And, the use of energy therapy and EFT can augment and support treatments of all disciplines.

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