What is “Tapping”?

“Tapping” has taken the world by surprise and is now performed globally. However, what exactly is “tapping”?

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology accepts “tapping” as a word that can describe the process of manually tapping rhythmically upon, massaging, or holding a meridian or acupuncture point as part of a specific protocol included in one or several of many accepted energy therapy or energy medicine modalities. These include the following:

  • EFT / Emotional Freedom Techniques: can be applied by anyone, including yourself, although often best results come from starting out with a seasoned practitioner who can help you clear the deepest emotional issues
  • NET / Neuro Emotional Technique: is facilitated by licensed physicians and other health providers who have been specially trained and will treat the emotional, chemical, toxic, structural causes of your problems
  • TAT / Tapas Acupressure Technique: can be applied by anyone, including yourself
  • TFT / Thought Field Therapy: once was limited to an exclusive few, now offers training for anybody
  • AK / Applied Kinesiology: usually applied by chiropractors and other health providers and can be learned by anybody via the Touch for Health program
  • CK / Clinical Kinesiology: a specialized form of AK usually performed by chiropractors which includes focus on allergies, glandular rebalancing, among other things
  • Acupuncture: is performed by licensed professionals, and although it usually applies needles to the meridian points, some practitioners also use pressure and other electronic devices to stimulate the meridians
  • Acupressure: can by applied by anyone, including yourself
  • Energy Medicine: includes many of the above energy therapy modalities plus much more information on how to keep the energy of the body in balance
  • and, there are other modalities that also fall into the category of “tapping”….

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