Psychological Reversal When Using EFT

When using energy psychology tools such as EFT  a session may get bogged down when the persons involved begin to feel mind confusion around the issue, and when the issue and its emotional aspects begin to seem  “stuck”. I’ve heard many EFT users complain that their technique was not working for them. Well, there are several reasons why you may feel some resistance when working on deep issues.

In a case where an issue may not seem to clear completely the first time, there may be some involvement of what many energy psychologists term: “psychological reversal”. In cases like this there is an almost visceral aversion to clearing or believing that the clearing will really work. You may feel self-doubt about your technique or EFT in general, or you may consider your issue to be too difficult to ever clear, or for some subconscious reason you may be afraid to let go of the issue. Cases like this show up in trauma, abuse, and long-chronic issues and conditions. There are some specific protocols that can be used to focus first on clearing your resistance to letting go of the issue, next on releasing old beliefs that may be getting in your way, and finally in being ready to clarify and clear the issue. If you are interested in knowing more about this, feel free to contact me or schedule a short discussion.

Another related condition that causes difficulty in using these modalities includes becoming “switched” or experiencing the state of “apolarity”, where the energy system simply goes into overload and black seems white, left is confused with right, yes means no, and there is hemispheric confusion in the brain. You may find yourself suffering from this condition when you are very tired, over-taxed by EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) in your environment, suffering from “jet lag” where your meridians have not caught up to your body in time and space, or when your subconscious is very reluctant to deal with the deeper issues  you are attempting to address. There are a variety of techniques to re-balance and to clear this condition. Some of these, depending on the professional expertise and licensing of the practitioner, include: the use of specially prepared homeopathics to adjust visceral polarity, an adjustment of C1 at the base of the skull, a muscle re-alignment using AK (applied kinesiology) techniques, and the application of certain specific meridian tapping protocols formulated for clearing this condition. Without specific re-balancing the state of being “switched off” or “apolar” will inhibit even the best energy psychology techniques.

So, the next time your EFT protocol doesn’t seem to be making headway, remember to look for the presence of psychological reversal or apolarity before you blame the technique, the practitioner, or yourself.

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