Master Minding is Energy Therapy!

If you would like to incorporate some easy energy therapy into your life and business, then try Master Minding with like-minded others.

In Corporate American TQM or Quality circles we used to discuss the power of benchmarking or sharing info with like-minded organizations in order to share ideas, processes, new concepts, contacts, etc. in both directions. It provided a wonderful sharing link as well as information source for all who did it… and the end result was improved quality, service, productivity.

When you consciously connect regularly with another person or a group, and share information, contacts, ideas, feedback, and mutual support for each others’ visions, then the end result is benefit for all. The energy therapy aspect here is in the sharing of visions and holding the energy for the set intentions of your master mind partner(s).  Some people equate this energetic to prayer sent on behalf of another, while others see it simply as sending intentional thoughts or energy to another for success in an intention.

Master Minding is very beneficial to all involved, and I regularly participate in such partnerships. If you would like to know more about how to set up a Master Mind partnership or group for yourself, then go here.

I highly endorse the practice!

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