Focus on the NOW!

Time seems to be moving very rapidly these days… even faster than usual.  And, I don’t think that this is just because I have a few years under my belt! 🙂

Because of this perceived shift, and I know that others are feeling it too, we must consider doing business and life a bit differently. Part of this is a focus on staying in the present and focusing on what is most needed NOW rather than spending time, energy, money focusing on the past and future. What we focus on in the present becomes our future, so it is imperative that we focus clearly and keep to our own inner values and the essence of what we wish to experience in our life.

Dr. Anne Listing Blocks to Clear

Recently I have had several people approach me as new clients. I have responded to their inquiries as soon as I received them, and that has definitely paid off. When a client needs me, he or she really NEEDS me! I want to be there for these people when the need is urgent, just like I prefer others to be there for me when my need is a high priority to me.

In my own life a matter recently came up where I needed the services of a provider to meet an urgent deadline. I called several providers and hired the person who was there when I needed him. I have been rewarded ever since by his good service to me. I like that, just as my own clients like it when I offer them good service and go beyond what they ask of me to serve their deepest needs.

So, my own experience says that it is beneficial and important for us all to stay conscious now more than ever, and handle the issues that come to us – in the present! And, if resistance comes up, this is a wonderful opportunity to use energy therapy techniques such as NET or EFT to clear the way and to make the flow easier.

For example:

1- If you are feeling hassled or harried, then go inside and ask what you are really feeling and why you are feeling it. Create a meridian tapping sequence based on the feelings that you would like to clear such as:

“Even though I am feeling _____ about _____, I deeply and completely accept myself. – Even though this issue of _____ brings up feelings of _____, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,… and I choose to clear those feelings. – Even though I feel _____, and I choose to let it go so that my situation with _____ flows easily for me, I love & accept myself. I know I’ve always done the best I could do in the moment, and I’m getting better every day!”

2- If you have a fear about something in  your life becoming difficult or uncomfortable for you in the future, then go inside and identify your feelings and any past experiences that might have brought you to this situation in your life, full of worry, dread, feelings of gloom & doom, worst-case-scenario-thinking. Create a meridian tapping sequence based on the feelings of the previous experience, to clear these first, and then to clear any left over worry in the present. Here is an example:

“Even though I had this experience in the past _____, where I felt _____, and now I’m feeling similar emotions, I deeply and completely accept myself. – Even though I suffered in the past around this_____ situation, I choose now to let go of all of the emotions I felt then. I choose to clear myself of all past residue from that issue. I’ve always done the best I could do, and I deserve peace of mind and the feelings of health and safety in my life. – Even though these feelings of _____ about this situation _____ remind me of the other time when I felt _____, I deeply and completely accept myself,… and I choose to let go of all of that old pattern from the past. – Etc.”

3- Also remember that anything you and your subconscious mind have experienced emotionally – even from second-hand stories, movies, books, news reports, fears, among all other outside sources, appear to the subconscious mind as your own experiences. So if you emotionally responded to something, then you are carrying the emotional charge you felt about that until it is released. It might as well have been your own negative (or positive) experience, because your energy field is still carrying  your emotional reaction to the stimulus whatever it was.

Make this an opportunity to create meridian tapping sequences to clear every old emotion that might be holding you back. You will know that you have an emotional blockage by becoming conscious of every time you feel an inner reaction, resistance, or blockage to move forward. Clear it on the spot when it comes up, and then stay conscious on moving forward in the NOW. You may customize the following tapping sequence:

“Even though I am feeling this block/resistance/emotional reaction, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. – Even though I am feeling this feeling, and maybe don’t even know why, I deeply and completely accept myself,… and I choose to let go of it – NOW! – Even though I picked up this block/fear/doubt/dread/etc. from outside of myself, I know I’m still attached to it and I choose to let it go NOW.”


So, now is when we can make the difference. Clear your inner world and the outer world will shift immediately. I see so many miracles in my life every day… and you can too!

Happy tapping!

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