Fibromyalgia Treatment with Energy Therapy & EFT

fibromyalgia4What is fibromyalgia, and what treatment brings results?

It is a condition that is very painful and affects people in all walks of life. Fibromyalgia syndrome, FMS, is a rheumatic disorder characterized by chronic, achy muscular pain that has no obvious physical cause. In fact, doctors are often baffled because they can’t figure out why people have fibromyalgia. The medical community does not really know what causes it or how to offer fibromyalgia treatment…, but, there is hope because with the use of Energy Therapy modalities including EFT you can clear the symptoms and start to feel better.

Let us do some Energy Therapy for fibromyalgia treatment.

While tapping the Karate Chop Point, state the following sequence of my version of the Ask & Receive process. Keep tapping while you state the following:

There is a part of my being that already knows
what’s causing this pain in my body.

That part of my being is willing to share with the rest of me now.

It is doing so with grace and ease.

My body, mind and spirit are receiving and integrating this information now.

I am grateful that I’ll be able to know, on various levels, what is causing this pain.

The information transfer is now complete.

There is a part of my being that already knows
how to get rid of the symptoms of this disorder or condition.

That part of my being is willing to share with the rest of me now.

It is doing so with grace and ease.

My body, mind and spirit are receiving and integrating this information now.

I am grateful that my body will be able to heal itself soon,
and that the information and everything I need to know will come to me.

The information transfer is now complete.

Heart Center:  Put your index finger in the middle of your upper chest on your Thymus Point, which is all about your immune system. Then place your other three fingers below that in a vertical line.

Tap there and feel the inner emotion that you feel about the condition that you’ve been suffering from. Feel the emotions that surge up when you think about this condition of pain and dis-ease, and how you can’t live your life the way you used to live. The quality has changed and maybe lowered. You have to do so many things differently. You’ve had to give up a lot. You’ve had to make changes that were out of your control. Tap out the emotions that come up.

Think about when you last went to the doctor. Maybe you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia. It was such a blow. Maybe you were told there was nothing they could do because they didn’t know what the cause of it was, so they couldn’t really treat it. Maybe there were drugs for it but you wanted to stay natural but didn’t know what to do. You were brokenhearted that you were losing your lifestyle and your health. That’s a horrible thing. Just feel those emotions. Let them go. Breathe them out.

Eyebrow Point:

Tap out any frustration you have about your condition, confusion you have about the condition, or impatience to get well.  State “I choose to get well now. – I want that magic pill that can act immediately, and I realize there is no such thing. There is no magic pill for any autoimmune disease.” Let go of the impatience and frustration.

End of the Eye:

Tap there and focus on any resentment of your body that you feel, any resentment that you have come down with some issue in your body that doctors don’t seem to be able to treat. Sometimes they don’t even know how to diagnose it. Just get rid of the resentment because that’s a heavy emotion and you are already stressed. Let go of it.

Under the Eye:

Tap and think about how overwhelming your symptoms feel to you, all the hassle you’ve gone through, the changes, the lack of being able to do things, being ushered from doctor to doctor or specialist to specialist and maybe not getting any results. All that takes its toll. Just let it go. Other people’s opinions of you, other people saying: “It’s just in your head. The doctor really can’t identify what it is or what caused it, so it must be in your head…” just tap all that stuff away. It’s totally unnecessary for you to be carrying any of that burden. Let it go.

Under Nose & Above Chin:

Tap both of those places at the same time and think back to any guilt that you feel about anything, or any embarrassment or shame that you have ever felt regarding your condition or your current lifestyle because of it. Focus on what you’re feeling now. Just tap that away. You don’t need it.

Collarbone Point:

Feel the fear – all the fear about your condition. “Is it ever going to go away? Is the pain going to get worse? What’s going to happen to me?” Just tap it. Tap away any fears that you might be feeling. Breathe them out as you tap.

Under Arm Point:

Tap and feel any self-doubt or insecurities or critical voice, anything that seems to be turning you against yourself. Just tap there and breathe those away. Get rid of them. Life is too short to be talking bad to your very own self. Tap here and let it go.

Top of Head:

Feel grateful that there are ways to naturally relieve these symptoms and get rid of them. You can get rid of them. Breathe out all the pain that you’ve been feeling. Breathe out all the emotional stuff that may have come up. Think about what kind of emotion could be stuck in there causing all the pain and suffering you’ve had.

Now take a big drink of water and relax.


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