EFT as Energy Therapy and Why it Works

ACEP memlogomedJust back from the annual ACEP conference, I participated in four full days of discussion and research reports on why and how energy therapies such as EFT, NET, TFT, TAT, and so many others work. Science has finally caught up with what all of us who have intuitively been practicing with results have known for years.

So, if you would like a definitive piece that goes into the science behind EFT and energy psychology, then check out Dr. David Feinstein’s recent article in Psychology Progress. David continues to get the word out among his psychology professional peers as he goes deeper into energy psychology and energy medicine with his wife, Donna Eden. Go here for the abstract and article.

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  • Medicina Alternativa
    June 25, 2013

    It definetly works! Saved my life a few years ago…

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