Energy Therapy Clears Computer Glitch

If you find you are having computer problems, or even issues with your periferals, then look at your own energy before calling your tech.

Are you scattered, frustrated, angry, spaced? Have you received any upsetting phone calls or participated in an imbalanced conversation near your computer station? If so, then if you clear yourself first then your electronic tools may then untangle themselves… or at least you will then be able to more easily solve any problem that has come as a result of your scrambled energy.

Our energetics do tend to impact the electronics around us… our electro-magnetic field impacts the electro-magnetic field around the computer, and vice versa. This is why we have to be wary of the impact of electronics on our own nervous system and body. And,  we also must respect our electronics by using our energy clearing tools to clear ourselves and our devices when we feel scrambled.

Another good application for EFT!…

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