Energy Therapy: Getting the Most Out of Your EFT Coaching Session

As your EFT Coach I like to guide you to get the most out of each session. Here are some tips for you to get the most from your EFT Energy Therapy Coaching session:

  • Provide information to your coach ahead of time via a pre-coaching form if provided – this saves valuable session time!
  • Prepare for your session by getting centered, relaxed, and ready – without stress!
  • Focus on what is going on NOW and recently, so that symptoms can be cleared first, with underlying causes examined. (When your subconscious is ready to let go of something, it usually attracts a trigger into your life to help you bring up the feelings around the issue that is ready to be cleared.)
  • Be open and candid with your energy therapist coach – go back into your life as far as possible to help identify underlying root causes of energetic and emotional blocks.
  • Always bring water to your coaching session. In energy therapy your body is like a big old-fashioned car battery… that needs water to keep from burning up inside… so drink lots when you do this work!
  • Get into the habit of clearing the space where you do your energy work so that it is clean and fresh – without any old emotional/energetic debris.
  • Remember to be gentle on your subconscious and treat it with respect. If you feel any self-directed anger, then let that go first so that you can work with clearing other issues using love for yourself.
  • If you and your energy coach therapist are using meridian-based tapping modalities such as EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique, then ask for a diagram, video, or guide to help you learn the strategic points that work for you.
  • Be proactive – don’t just look for somebody else to fix you… your healing is up to you making conscious decisions and taking appropriate actions.
  • Follow through as directed by your therapist coach, however always be discerning.
  • If you don’t resonate with a coach or energy therapist, then look for another person with whom you feel comfortable. The modalities such as EFT, NET, TAT, TFT, AK, TFH, and others  DO work, and if there is a personality in the way, then change to someone else.
  • Feel free to ask questions about the modalities that are used in your sessions. The more you understand, the faster you can heal.
  • Keep in mind that as you let go of your inner resistance to move forward, you are creating a new life. Clear any fear or resistance about making the necessary and inevitable changes in your life.

Enjoy orchestrating your own conscious transformation!  You will be glad that you moved forward in your life!

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