Energy Support for Grief, Loss, Lack

If you have experienced deep heart-felt pain of loss, then these tips are for you!

Grief is so all-encompassing. It affects your entire being. The Body-Mind-Spirit are all totally consumed with the heart-break and emotional pain.

Here are three ways that you can start to deal with this pain.

  1. Hold one hand over your heart while you place the other hand across your forehead – above your eyebrows. Hold there and breathe out the pain. Feel the emotions and breathe them out until you feel a shift or a sense of neutrality in your feelings.
  2. Place your index finger in the center of your upper chest (on the EFT thymus tapping point), place your middle finger under that (where a woman’s cleavage begins), place your ring and pinky fingers under the other fingers in a vertical straight line. Tap these four fingers in that vertical line along your sternum right at your heart chakra location between your breasts. Tap here when you feel the pain, and just breathe out the emotion as you feel it… until you sense a shift or state of neutrality in your feelings.
  3. Listen to the one-hour recording of a Bonus EFT & Energy Therapy TAPshop call to identify where you might still be grieving, how this may have created a sense of lack in your psyche, and clear that with a tapping sequence. Go here:

All of these tips will take you beyond that heart pain of loss, grief, and sadness so that you can save years of suffering by clearing the pain of the emotions and keeping your fondest memories intact.

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