Emotional Issues Accumulate Over Time

A client presented to me several years ago with asthma  from which she had suffered for over forty years. When she was introduced to EFT tapping she used it one night when she had a terrible asthma attack and it saved her a trip to the ER in the middle of a snowy night.

Recently we re-addressed the asthmatic condition and looked into the causes for the asthma. Using some energy-checking AK / Applied Kinesiology and NET / Neuro Emotional Technique tools to ask specific questions of the body we ascertained the following to the great surprise of my client:

  • The causes of the asthma came from the tension she felt and suppressed inside when she was 9 years old listening to a teacher tell personal stories about WWI and WWII.
  • While listening to the stories she not only felt great tension, but she often wet her pants and had a tendency to laugh or giggle inappropriately, which is a symptom often related to heart meridian issues.
  • The tension she already felt exacerbated her stress around some dyslexia-type learning issues that caused more stress.

One  interesting aspect of her condition at this point is that my client’s asthma did not begin at the age of 9 in the 4th grade. It began when years later she found herself teaching the same subjects in the same 4th grade environment where she had first picked up the energy and emotional stressors. At this point in her life she began exhibiting asthmatic symptoms and has suffered with the condition ever since.

We double-checked all of the information above and now my seasoned-EFT-tapper client is working on her issues to unpeel the layers that originally caused her physical symptoms.

Although the background stressors that originally caused her body to break down seemed to surprise my client, as we began to focus on the feelings of being in that 4th grade classroom listening to the first-hand war stories, my client began to cry. She has more tapping to do in order to clear all of the remnants of her emotions, and then the body will be able to re-balance and hopefully over time let go of the asthma and its symptoms.

Remember when you utilize energy therapy that emotional issues can mount up over time and remain hidden for years until the right circumstances bring them to a head and symptoms show up. So, this case is more normal than surprising. A trauma or stressor for one person may not affect another at all. And, until inner stress is released it continues to build up, continually collecting energetics related to the original causal aspects.

If you do not have techniques or tools to get into the specific causes of an issue you may just keep tapping away at any related issues that seem to come up, or seek a practitioner who can help you to save time and get right to the core of the issue. The important thing to remember is to continue using your energy therapy tools… because they work!

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