The Blend of EFT with Coaching

It is common for all of us to occasionally run into an old energetic pattern where even though we set a conscious intention to reach a goal, the subconscious mind and energy system have other ideas. At this point self-sabotage can ruin the best plans and forward action seems to hit the wall. To an outsider – even a coach – this may seem like we have lost interest in the goal or are intentionally holding back. We may be perceived to be lazy or uncooperative by someone trying to keep us accountable.

EFT Coach Anne Merkel Supports her Client

This is where energy therapy tools like EFT are of vital importance – to a coach and especially to his/her client.

The job of the subconscious mind is to protect us from being hurt. It is not a logical mind, but more connected with the wholistic body-mind-spirit experience and with the emotions. It takes in everything that it feels and counts that as a personal experience, and it sets up red flags and resistant boundaries around hurtful experiences so that we are shielded from that experience happening again. So, what appears outwardly as self-sabotage or drifting away from a goal is really often the subconscious setting up an inner barrier pattern to keep us from treading close to being hurt.

Coaching plus energy therapy EFT tools can be very effective when these re-occurring patterns show up. Those coaches who don’t have the necessary tools to guide their clients through these blocks by clearing them away must rely on other practitioners or else the client will simply continue to hit that wall when he/she gets too close.

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