Tune up Your EFT Energy Therapy Practice

Over the years I have coached hundreds of EFT energy therapy practitioners helping them to “tune up” their technique. Starting with classic Gary Craig EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique and then customizing it to my own style of N-hanced EFT, I have worked with practitioners world-wide who wish to be more efficient, more specific in their tapping, and get faster, more reliable results.

I found EFT when I needed a tool I could use easily on myself, and it works! I have combined it with my original meridian-focused modality of NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique because I feel that NET gets faster, easier, permanent results and takes out the guess work often found in EFT. I’ve also added additional acupuncture points with rave reviews on their effects.

It is my pleasure to support other practitioners of EFT by offering a short laser-coaching tune-up in addition to my popular e-book Best Practices in Energy Management. You may register for this package by going to: http://is.gd/EFTtuneup.

I also like regularly sharing EFT tips on my facebook page at: http://is.gd/EFTCoachPage.

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