EFT Tapping Results Can Be Subtle!

If you are active on the EFT group forums you probably notice that there are many frustrated EFT tappers out there who are afraid that they are “doing it wrong” because they don’t see immediate results. Maybe you are one of these who are looking for immediate results and don’t seem to be finding them.

In response to this I invite you to remember that meridian tapping is subtle. It works with the energy of the body’s systems and with your subconscious mind.

Whenever you consciously and intentionally tap on your meridian points (or even just one point) while you talk or think specifically about your feelings and intentions to clear or enhance them, you are creating a direct link into your subconscious mind and your electro-magnetic biofield. A shift will always occur, however you may not notice it because you have certain expectations of how the results should show up.

Example:  You may be looking for a physical cure. The cure may not come after one, two, or several tapping sessions, however you may be guided to a specific new practitioner, piece of information about how to find the cure, or new modality that will ultimately clear your condition. The tapping clears blocks in you to be open to the solution – or to your ultimate goal. It is not for you to question how the end result comes to you. Tapping can clear the subconscious beliefs or past traumas that block you from moving forward. And, “moving forward” may take many forms once you clear the blocking energetics that  hold you back.

So, just remember that EFT tapping can do many things. It allows your subconscious to attract teachers, experiences, information, thoughts & suppressed memories, underlying issues, causes of discomfort or disease, among other things that ultimately will guide you to your intended goal.

And, when you are lucky enough to experience one of the “one minute miracles”, this  shows that past tapping or emotional release has benefited you and brought you to a place where you are ready for the shift and the results that you desire.

Keep on tapping!  🙂

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