N-hanced EFT Tapping for Specific Emotions

strong emotionsRecently I surprised several new clients as I facilitated their individual and group  sessions using N-hanced EFT Tapping, or Neuro Emotional Freedom Technique: a blend of NET and EFT.  They were surprised that I sometimes focused on using specific EFT tapping points rather than utilizing the entire EFT protocol tapping sequence… and they all agreed that they felt the energy shift in their sessions while doing it this way.

For anyone who is experienced in using the meridian system, there are specific meridians and points that usually relate directly to specific emotions. In Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) – another meridian based modality,  I was trained to identify which emotions  relate to which meridians, organs, points, so these are included in N-hanced EFT tapping. When I see a client in person I may do the tapping myself… along their spine on specific points… rather than using EFT at all.

Even though the classic EFT protocol is excellent, and I teach it to all of my clients to use on their own, sometimes deep work can be done by pinpointing specific meridian tapping points.

In order to better understand the use of specific EFT tapping points for specific emotions you may go here and view the short video that introduces the tapping points.

If you are wondering if using the full EFT protocol is more or less effective than tapping specific points, my answer is that each case requires a unique decision.

  • In my hands-on work I use NET with some EFT, and this usually involves just focusing on the specific meridians involved. An on-line NET assessment instrument gives me insight into the body’s priority so that I know which meridians to address first. Then I ask the body specific questions as to which meridians are holding specific emotions, and I work just on those. In short time we have generally cleared multiple aspects of one issue.
  • In my phone work I use EFT tapping with some N-hancement including the use of additional points, longer tapping on each point until an actual shift is felt there, and prioritizing the order of meridian points on which I focus tapping based on the NET on-line assessment and a detailed history.
  • In very deep trauma cases I usually start with the above and then incorporate a full EFT cycle which may include the finger points and 9-gamut procedure included in Gary Craig’s original EFT. By doing this I support the full range of meridians in the session so that the body can re-balance and it has a better chance of letting go of the old “body memory” stored in cells through-out the system.

Whatever approach you use in your meridian or EFT tapping practice, the main thing I like to remind my clients and Certified Practitioners is that it is all useless unless the client focuses on the feelings of the issue rather than just the fancy word phrases as the tapping is going on.

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