Understanding Priorities with EFT Tapping

I often remind my clients that EFT or any meridian-based therapy is very profound and works with the subconscious and electro-magnetic biofield of the body rather than the analytical mind.

When you consciously choose an emotional issue that you would like to clear, you must keep in mind that the deeper part of you may have a higher priority that needs to be cleared before it will be ready to get to your specific issue. If you automatically expect results on your priority, and don’t get them, you may feel frustrated at first. The reason for this is NOT that the tapping or meridian therapy does not work, but instead, it tells you that there was a higher priority in the body-mind’s system that needed to be first addressed before getting to the specific issue of your choice.

When it is time to clear your priority, it will automatically clear on its own or will show immediate results when you use EFT or another meridian-based modality on that emotional issue.

So, my message to you is that meridian techniques are quite profound and they DO work… always!… on clearing priorities that we often don’t know or understand. With patience and awareness we will constantly get to better levels in our lives as we continue to use the techniques.

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