EFT Tapping for Negative Thoughts

In this society we are often taught to think of the “worst case scenario” instead of allowing our minds to wander with positive thoughts based in a sense of pure potentiality.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking  morbid or negative thoughts?

I think this is somewhat usual, and the worst part of it is that if you focus over and over on the same negative thought, then the Law of Attraction simply brings that situation into your life. I’ve experienced this personally several times, and now if I catch my mind going back to the same old negative recordings I tap them away until the old negative thought cycle has dissolved.

Remember that the only thing you can really control are your thoughts. Yes, you CAN control them, however you may need to do some re-programming of your mind and electro-magnetic field through some meridian-based energy therapy. EFT Tapping is probably the simplest and fasted technique available, even though it might take several rounds before you can completely clear the negative thought.

Tap it away so that you only attract good, positive things into your life!

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