EFT Tapping Clears Your Emotional Story

Whenever a client presents to me with an emotional issue, there is a story. I don’t need to hear the story in order to help clear the energy, but whenever it makes you feel better to share the details, I ask you to start tapping while you talk. Usually I choose a specific point on which we both tap while certain emotions might be coming up from the emotionally charged memories.

Why do I do this?

The best application of EFT is to tap whenever you are feeling something that you’d like to clear. In the moment of feeling the charge you can clearly indicate to the subconscious mind and electro-magnetic biofield that the emotion that is coming up is to be cleared. Whether you talk while you tap or not usually does not matter – it is all about the feeling!

So, if you are getting ready to tell a story of past trauma, hurt, pain, stress, I would ask you to tap while you talk and receive the added benefits before we even get started in our session! This saves time, creates the energetic envelope for the session, and starts the clearing work.

So, next time you tell an emotional story – whether you are working with an EFT Coach facilitator or not, start tapping at the thymus point on the sternum between the breasts at the heart chakra area. This WILL make a difference!

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  • Bernadet
    November 4, 2013

    I heard of eft therapy and I thought that it’s really pretty interesting. I would love to try this one out and maybe it can help me with my stress.

  • Tim
    September 8, 2013

    I like the “In the moment of the feeling”
    I think this is an important factor as
    you point out.

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