EFT Miracles! Don’t be Frustrated!

I’ve seen so many so-called miracles enacted using meridian-based modalities including EFT. Conditions that medical doctors said would need surgery or rest-of-one’s-life medication have cleared. I have witnessed the ending of both life and death sentences, where people let go of their chronic conditions or let go of the illness and symptoms that were supposedly going to end their life. Yes, I’ve seen miracles!

In all cases where the person was both consciously and subconsciously ready to immediately let go of the issue, emotional charge, condition, illness, they were relieved immediately or their body started immediately to heal itself. These cases are always so wonderful to behold!

And, in cases where there was a subconscious blockage that was not quite ready to be released to the surface or to the conscious mind, there were related emotional issues blocking the root cause that had to be cleared first. When this was done, the deeper issues, blocks, emotional aspects rose to the surface to be cleared. And, when this was done the final healing commenced.

Although I’ve seen so many so-called miracles in this energy therapy work, I have also seen many frustrated users of EFT who just have not quite gotten to that subconscious root cause. There are many ways to access the subconscious, to identify patterns or cycles, to shift one’s vibration. I’ve been approached by many EFT practitioners who are unable to clear their own issues, but one session using additional modalities or addressing the issue or condition from a different angle will clear it for good.

So, my advice to you:

  • Keep your faith – meridian tapping energy therapy DOES work.
  • Be patient – sometimes you must remove a life-time of layers before a targeted issue is ready to shift.
  • Remember that some of the tapping “miracles” you see at workshops are due to the group mind supporting the healing of the person in the spotlight.
  • Often working with another practitioner will shift what you cannot even see for yourself.
  • EFT, TFT, TAT, NET, and all of the other meridian-based tools are all potent, and they DO benefit you on some level – every time you use them.
  • The Power that made the body CAN heal the body… as long as you clear the way for the healing by letting go of the emotional and energetic blocks in your biofield and subconscious.
  • If you are reading this, you are on the right track already!!  🙂

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