Introduction to EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique

As a long-time energy therapist, I utilize a variety of modality “tools” in my daily practice – for myself and my clients. EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique is just one of these modalities, and I find that it is very helpful to train all of my clients to use this on themselves.

If we were working together I would teach you to use EFT and urge you to utilize it between our sessions. In our one-on-one sessions I might use other modalities along with some EFT coaching, and usually in phone distance coaching sessions I utilize the EFT tapping points even if I am applying other modalities too.

If you are new to what I’m talking about, then I invite you to go to my FREE EFT Resource Center on my main website and sign up for the Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique package. This includes two short videos, an hour-long audio recording with detailed descriptions, and a short e-guide. You will be up and running with your own basic EFT protocol after applying what you learn in this easy-to-use self-coaching package.

And, if you would like to go deeper into your energy clearing work I’d like to invite you to consider signing up for the Free BONUS EFT TAPshop calls as well as the twice monthly LIVE Energy Therapy & N-hanced EFT TAPshop Series. We have an active EFT tapping community and many friendships have been formed as people work together to reach their inner intentions with outer tapping!

So, I wish you the best… and, peace, love, joy, prosperity in every way! 🙂

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