EFT Health Coaching

EFT coaching and other forms of energy therapy or energy psychology have helped so many people with health issues, that many EFT Coaches have become Health Coaches. This makes perfect sense due to the nature of the wholistic connection of mind-body-spirit that is addressed in these modalities.

So what more can an EFT Health Coach offer to his or her client?

Nutrition and body pH balancing are two big support areas that can be added to address the slower healing of the physical body. When energy and emotion is cleared, the feelings may be neutralized or at peace, however, it sometimes takes quite awhile for the body to catch up, so supporting health and wellness via nutrition and correct pH levels will speed up the healing process. Most Naturopathic programs address these issues with great detail, and there are many nutrition certification programs available too.

Specific knowledge about the meridians, what organs are related to each, and which emotions generally are stored there is also of great value. For more information on this you may go here. And, to study this in more depth you might consider looking into Neuro Emotional Technique/ NET, a modality used by many chiropractors, by reading about it here.

Some other modalities that tie into the Health Coaching area might include Touch for Health Kinesiology or Healing Touch. Both of these offer profound tools that support the body along with the mind and spirit.

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