N-hanced EFT for Grief from Loss

Recently three of my dear friends of have died leaving their loving spouses grieving for their losses. I know from personal experience how potent the energy psychology tools that I use can be when focused on clearing the emotional pain of grief and loneliness, along with so many other related emotions that come up in a time of loss.

I’d like to share with my friends and with all of you who are also suffering from the loss of a dear one, the following video that provides Energy Psychology tools that can ease your pain.

I invite you to use the video to learn or review the basic meridian points of Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT that are easy to use, and in the second part of the video I summarize the emotions that 90% of the time are associated with each meridian, so you can tap specific points based on your feelings.

When a dear one leaves, dies, dips into dis-ease or dementia, there is a death of the “relationship entity”. You may feel the trauma from this deep life change as well as many specific emotions that relate to your direct experience.

As you feel these emotions from your loss I invite you to use the following short audio guide to clear the pain and emotional charge:

Many experts and studies state that the loss of a loved one is not only very stressful, but can cost you five to eight years of your life in the limbo of suffering. You can change that by clearing the painful emotions now so that you don’t carry them around for years. They do nobody any good, and can only cause you more problems.

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