The Heaviest Burdens of Life – Energies of Others

pt792_carrying_bag_of_somethingOn today’s live Energy Therapy Practitioners’ TAPshop call we will be discussing various ways to use energy therapy & EFT techniques to clear negative energy that comes to us via the dear people around us. Too often we find ourselves walking into a “cloud” of emotion or being bombarded by somebody else’s emotional reaction or opinion, or simply needing to live or work with somebody who is putting off heavy energy. There are ways to support our own high vibrations even in all of these situations.

And, all of us practitioners have encountered clients or patients who present to us with heavy emotional vibes… sometimes their own, and other times emotional debris they have picked up from others. We will discuss ways to help these people clear this detrimental burden as well as approaches to teaching them to keep themselves cleared.

When we feel heavy it is nearly impossible to perform, dream, manifest, or just be as good as we all desire. So, let us all concentrate daily on identifying and letting go of all heavy energy and keeping ourselves from picking it up from elsewhere!

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