The EFT Energy Therapist Coach is Off Duty

In my own practice as an N-hanced EFT Energy Therapist Coach, I feel strongly about not mixing drugs, alcohol, and the energy work. Sometimes this is misunderstood, and other times it is inevitable, but when I can, I have learned to just “close my office” to such situations, because they tend to be more of a waste of time than beneficial to the client or friend requesting the work.

My EFT Coach Anne with Energy Mandala

Other practitioners may have a different attitude on this subject, however, whenever I am asked to work on somebody who has used social drugs or alcohol, I refuse. I feel that this detracts from the high vibration of the energy therapy and I respect the work and the energy that is being channeled too much to bring it into such a situation. I will administer Reiki or hands-on healing or other energy release techniques as a facilitator in emergency situations, however, I choose not to offer NET or EFT energy coaching to somebody who is in an altered state of mind. And, for this reason, I also prefer to work with people who are not taking prescribed mind drugs, although I have worked on some who hold a strong drive to be able to let go of their dependence on pharmaceuticals and to clear their energy fields.

The other side of this is when I am socializing at a party and choose to have an alcoholic beverage, I make it clear if asked, that this N-hanced EFT energy therapist is off duty. I know that one drink won’t alter me enough to hurt my conscious cognition and ability to perform, however I believe that it shifts my energetic vibration and I prefer to claim my boundaries so that I offer the best quality possible when I do my energy work.

I am only sharing this because it may help other EFT energy therapists and coaches to feel confident about setting boundaries that they feel are best in their practices. Setting boundaries is not only empowering to the therapist coach, but also to the clients or friends who depend on us. I highly recommend it!


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