EFT Coaching Resources from Dr. Anne Merkel

Dr. Anne Merkel is a pioneer in the N-hanced EFT Energy Therapy work that she does, and has experienced great success with difficult cases. She is happy to share the following complimentary  tapping sequences and special mp3 and e-guide down-loads with you:

  • You may access the e-guide Ten Keys to Pure Potentiality by going to the right-hand column on this page . From here you may also  access products, services and the EFT Resource Center, where you will find both e-books and helpful audio recordings to support your meridian tapping practice.
  • The e-book Best Practices in Energy Management is located at: http://is.gd/BestPractices . This points out how EFT works, how to talk to your subconscious mind, and how to get the most from energy therapy practices.
  • The Cuztic Resistance Removal Technique e-guide may be accessed by going to: http://AlchemistAnne.com .
  • You will find other valuable articles, cases, complimentary e-guides, reports, and mp3 audio recordings at http://ArielaGroup.com . Also, check the Energy Therapy & N-hanced EFT TAPshop LIVE programs along with six new EFT Abundance packages by going to: http://is.gd/EFTAbundance . These programs include mp3 audio recordings, tapping sequences, detailed “how to” explanations, and exercises to guide you to clear all blocks to abundance in Love, Health & Well-being, and Wealth & Money.
  • If you would like to sign up for the LIVE Bonus EFT TAPshopGroup Coaching calls on Tuesdays, May 31st or August 30th at 2:00 p.m. EDT, you may sign up and receive the call-in number and a follow-up recording, plus additional Bonus call recordings from all previous bonus calls by going to: http://is.gd/BonusTAPshop .

We hope you enjoy these EFT Free Resources!

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