My EFT Coaches

My first EFT Coach was really the creator of Neuro Emotional Technique. Dr. G. Scott Walker developed NET the same year that Gary Craig began to develop EFT. I learned NET as a facilitator and was well-groomed by Scott before I was introduced to Gary. Many of the energy therapy approaches to NET can be easily applied to EFT, so I started my learning process even before I discovered the modality!

At a point in the past I needed a tool that I could easily use on myself, and I discovered EFT through a friend who had one small diagram with the full classic EFT protocol. She coached me one afternoon how to create the EFT set-up statements and where to look for the points. I immediately started using it… and applied the set-up statement to every point, including all of the hand points with the 9-gamut procedure. You can imagine how much stuff I cleared out of myself!… and, how much time each EFT sequence took!

So, when Gary Craig became my real EFT coach, I fell in love with the shortened protocol and the fact that I didn’t need to repeat the set-up at each point. I also fell in love with Gary and his wonderful energy. The more I studied the more excited I got about how I could blend some of the meridian concepts of NET into my EFT practice… and vice versa!

I feel so fortunate to have studied with the best in the field of meridian therapies. My NET and EFT Coaches,  Scott Walker and Gary Craig, two very intelligent and sensitive men, have offered the world two wonderful modalities that each has the capability of changing the vibration on the planet as individuals shift one by one. We are blessed to have these innovative techniques and so many with whom to share their benefits!


So, I’d like to share here that in June, 2011, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) will hold their 13th annual international Energy Psychology Conference where they will be featuring many good speakers… including my NET guru and coach, Dr. G. Scott Walker. He will present a session explaining the basic protocol for Neuro Emotional Technique. I will be there to support him!

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